About the Company

The owner of Placid Scene Pool Design, Colby Edwards, has been designing swimming pools for pool builders throughout the United States for over 10 years. He has designed well over a thousand pools! Several of the pools Colby has worked on have won regional and national awards with APSP. He goes above expectations and has many great relationships with pool builders, and his attention to detail always shows.

Prior to designing pools and outdoor living spaces, Colby was involved in residential home building and construction for over 8 years. From 2006-2014, he worked for a pool builder in Austin, Texas, as their designer and construction manager.

Placid Scene Pool Design was a side project for three years while living in Austin, Texas. In 2014, the Edwards family moved to Arkansas and decided to pursue design full time.


We mostly design for smaller upscale pool builders, outdoor living contractors, and landscape architects who need some assistance in their design work. Some of the builders we work for are very talented designers themselves, but may not have the time to really put into a project. Others just simply don't have the customer traffic to hire an in-house designer. Several of our clients have told us that their sales have seen an increase since beginning to use our services.

We strive to really bring a customers property to life through attention to detail. We don't just drop a pool shape into a space and say, "Here ya' go!" We make the extra effort to draw THEIR home and add a beautiful space behind it. Whether it is a pool or outdoor living space, we never disappoint!

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